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The Midland School of Colonic Hydrotherapy

Principal Clare Davies B.Ed. M.Sc.
affiliated to The Association & Register of Colon Hydrotherapists

Postgraduate 120 hour Colonic Hydrotherapy Course (10 days) - £2,300 (100 hrs compulsory)
Followed by two - three days for unfinished case histories and exams, limited spaces available:

Flexibility with exam date
Exam dates are 4-6 weeks later or can be taken at the beginning of the nearest start date of the next course

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The series below shows you what you can expect on a course (to see larger version click on photo):

Room Preparation   Clare's Practical  
Practical Session Clare's Practical Evening Session Clare's Practical
Tea Break in Garden Lecture by Sarah Library Corner Student Practical
Roger Lecture Roger Lecture Sarah's Revision Sarah's Revision

Tea Break   Clare's Practical  

Iridology   Looking at Iris Tongue Analysis

Nail analysis Reflexology Practical Roger Preparing to Demonstrate Gravity Feed  


Course Tutors

Clare Davies B.Ed (Hons) M.Sc
1977 I became interested in Complementary Medicine as a result of Yoga teacher training, having experiencing all the health benefits that can be achieved by regular practice. Not least the use of enemas as a support for general cleanliness.

I worked part-time for 18 years at the Psychiatric Unit, Ronkswood Hospital Worcester (now a Trust) Teaching Yoga and Stress Management.

This has been combined with running a busy practice and having the voluntary position of Managing Director of the Worcester Natural Therapy Centre where 18 practitioners work on a part-time basis.

I am qualified in a number of Natural Therapies; Aromatherapy, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Healing, Bach flowers, Thermo-Auricular Therapy, One-Brain, Stress Management, Colonic Hydrotherapy and Yoga.

Sarah Coldicott MB.Ch.B
I graduated as a Doctor from Birmingham Medical School 1990 and developed an interest in Adolescence Oncology. I work part-time at the moment because I am married with two young children. I hold the position of 'Resident Doctor' on The Teenage Cancer Trust Unit.

I became interested in Complementary Medicine during my student years and found it to be of great benefit and I continue to look to natural means of health care.

Roger Groos B.Sc
I originally trained in Botany and Zoology at London University ; spend some subsequent years working on the wrong side of the fence in Agriculture, then retrained in 1986 in Holistic Medicine.

I practices nutritional therapy combined with Colonic Hydrotherapy, Reflexology, Manual Lymph Drainage and Metabolic Typing and also work from private clinics, as well as the North Devon Hospice. My wife and I also run a herb and sundry supply company.

I am a founder member of the Colonic International Association (now ARCH) and past Chairman. I am also Principal of, and also teach Colonic Hydrotherapy at the European School , Eastbourne .

Jill Peer
I qualified as a Reflexologist in 1994 and hold the position of co-ordinator for the Reflexology Society. Over the years I gained qualifications in Nutritional and Environmental Kinesiology, Indian Head Massage, Allergy testing, Gem Torch Therapy, Celloid Minerals and Counselling

I am currently employed as a tutor at Worcester Adult Education Centre.

I became interested in Complementary Medicine as a young medical student seven years ago. The benefits of receiving regular therapy were, and are, of enormous help to me.

I developed an interest in Adolescence Oncology and four years ago became the resident doctor of the Teenage Cancer Trust Unit at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.

I am married with two children, I living in Worcester presently working part-time.

Denise is a nutritional therapist with her own practice in Worcester. At present, she is also Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition and Research Methods at Worcester University, where in addition to her teaching, she is involved in Healthy Schools programme in Worcestershire, in association with Worcestershire County Council, and is also writing an M.Sc in Nutritional Therapy (with a view to admitting first entrants in September 2006)

Denise has been a member of BANT (the British Association for Nutritional Therapy) for as long as the association has been in existence, and is listed as a CAM practitioner in the NHS Association for Primary Care register. For eighteen months (1999 to 2001) Denise was a practitioner lecturer on the National Therapy pathway at the University of Westminster.

In the past six years, Dense has written five books on Nutritional Healing and has been approached by Blackwells Scientific, to write an undergraduate text book on Nutritional Medicine

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